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Brahe Education Centre

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Brahe Education Centre
– multidisciplinary vocational education centre

Brahe Education Centre is a multidisciplinary vocational education centre for young people and adults. Brahe operates in Raahe, Ruukki and Oulu, Finland, and hosts some 2,000 students and 150 staff. Our student age group covers all ages from 16, and some are adults pursuing a new career.

Our programmes include theoretical studies, practical training and learning on the job. We tailor an individual skills development plan to each student on the basis of their personal strengths and skills. Vocational degree training courses typically last for three years without any prior expertise in the field. Our graduates are well prepared to enter the labour market, start their own business or continue studies at university. Our degree programmes entitle our graduates to continue studies at tertiary level.

Our graduates are the makers of the future who, in addition to good vocational skills, have a solid skill set and the know-how to operate in an international environment. Brahe offers every student the opportunity to apply for a student exchange programme and choose courses in foreign languages and culture. We also host international exchange students from all over the world. We actively participate in international projects.

All our degree programmes are in Finnish. If you want to apply for studies and your mother tongue is not Finnish, and you do not have sufficient proof of language proficiency, you must take a language test. The language test is conducted on-site at the Brahe Education Centre, not remotely.  You can find more information about language proficiency testing here (in Finnish).

Students in Raahe


The technical degree programmes available at Brahe emphasise practical vocational skills. Students have the opportunity to learn how to operate equipment, machinery and software in various fields of technology, along with on-the-job training tasks. Students carry out work for commercial third-party customers during their studies. Our technology training unit is located at Tervahovinkatu 2, Raahe. In addition Brahe has a house builder and surface treatment technology unit in Oulu.

Programmes for the roles of:

  • Vehicle mechanic
  • Welder-fitter
  • Machine fitter
  • Machinist
  • Laboratory technician
  • House builder
  • Renovation builder
  • Pipe fitter
  • Floor layer
  • Painter
  • Electrician
  • Interior constructor
  • Interior design artisan
  • Upholstery artisan

Service sector

Our service sector degree programmes fast-track students to the labour market. Studies focus on practical skills and on-the-job learning, while performing work for real customers. We train professionals for restaurants, hairdressing salons, beauty parlours, logistics and real estate maintenance. Many of our students start up their own businesses following graduation. Our school for hairdressers and beauticians is located on the historic Pekkatori Square at Brahenkatu 11. Other units are located on Brahe’s main campus at Tervahovinkatu 2.

Programmes for the roles of:

  • Cook
  • Waiter
  • Barber
  • Hairdresser
  • Beautician
  • Driver
  • Articulated vehicle driver
  • Site facility operative
  • Property maintenance operative
  • Team supervisor

Creative industries

Our creative industries unit, the Lybecker Media Centre, has trained professionals in the fields of arts and handicrafts since 1844. Lybecker’s media and visual expression provides students with solid skills for working in the media sector or the opportunity for further studies at university. Studies emphasise creativity, entrepreneurship and internationalisation. The Lybecker Media Centre is located at Sofia Lybeckerin katu 1, Raahe.

Programmes for the roles of:

  • Graphic designer
  • Visual artist
  • Videographer and photographer
  • Marketing designer
  • Animator and game graphics designer
  • Event technician

Natural resources

The Ruukki Nature and Equestrian Centre has a long history in training experts in natural resources at the heart of the vital rural community, on the banks of the Siikajoki, some 35 kilometres from Raahe. Tuition emphasises labour market skills, and the Ruukki Equestrian Centre and the school farm offer an ideal learning environment for enhancing practical skills. Our natural resources unit is located at Sammalkankaantie 280, Ruukki.

Degree programmes for the roles of:

  • Animal attendant
  • Rural entrepreneur
  • Groom
  • Equestrian service instructor
  • Equestrian service producer
  • Riding instructor
  • Nature instructor
  • Animal trainer
  • Veterinary nurse
  • Farm relief workers
  • Gamekeeper
  • Environmental management professional
  • Wilderness and nature guide

Preparatory training

Preparatory training is a good opportunity to check out a range of different careers. Studies are designed together with the teacher to meet the student’s learning goals. Students can also complete vocational courses during their preparatory training or transfer to degree courses at any point during the semester when the student finds their own field. Student with insufficient Finnish language competence for degree training can enhance their skills while in preparatory training.

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Technology and service sector, administration
Tervahovinkatu 2, 92150 Raahe, Finland

Hairdressing and beauty
Brahenkatu 11, 92100 Raahe, Finland

Creative industries, Lybecker Media Centre
Sofia Lybeckerin katu 1, 92100 Raahe, Finland

Natural resources, Ruukki Nature and Equestrian Centre
Sammalkankaantie 280, 92400 Ruukki, Finland

Building construction and surface treatment technology, Oulu unit
Haaransuontie 15, 90240 Oulu, Finland

Contact information

Mr Ari Hannus
International Coordinator
+358 40 135 7109

Ms Niina Kuusirati
Office Assistant, International Affairs and Project Activities
+358 40 840 3717


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