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Laine Rebecca

Chasing the Dreams: Chapter 10

My Erasmus Exchange Journey to Spain: Exploring Marketing Tactics and Parisian Delights

Back at the Biomimicry Granada office, my focus shifts to marketing work, delving into LinkedIn Live and webinars. As part of the promotion for our educational workshops, we organize a Q&A session to unveil the specifics of our upcoming events.

With work tasks underway, the next adventure on my agenda is a long weekend trip to the beautiful city of Paris. My itinerary blends sightseeing, walks, and a couple of days of remote work.


One of the standout moments in Paris is a visit to the modern art museum, Pompidou.  The day spent exploring the museum is filled with inspiration provided of all kinds of art and touch of history. I almost ran out of time, even though I had the whole day to spend there. The museum offers a captivating view of the Eiffel Tower, and as night falls, I'm treated to the the tower's light show—a pretty end to my day immersed in culture.



I notice a delightful quirk about the city's apartment buildings. From the outside, they might seem somewhat run-down, and our neighborhood during the visit perhaps a bit questionable. Yet, as I enter my Airbnb, the inner courtyard unfolds in all its beauty—a hidden gem behind the intimidating  outside.

Between the enchanting sights, picturesque streets, and the hustle and bustle of Parisian life, I continue to make the most of remote work opportunities. Cafés, libraries, parks, and my Airbnb become my new office, blending the worlds of work and exploration in the City of Light.