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Laine Rebecca

Chasing the Dreams: Chapter 8

My Erasmus Exchange Journey to Spain: Returning to Granada and New Beginnings

As the Finnish summer bids its farewell, it's time to head back to Granada, Spain. This city has truly become my second home over the past eight months.


Before saying goodbye to Granada for a brief visit to Finland, change was in the air. I decided to swap apartments, a choice prompted by the unpredictable bad chemistry that unfolded  between roommates, even if the start seemed promising.

The shift in apartments meant moving a bit further from the city center. The new home, nestled closer to nature, provides a picturesque riverside view and a tranquil neighborhood with the Sierra Nevada Mountains as the backdrop. However, with the new location came a new commute and the "lucky" bus number 33—an unpredictable chariot that arrives when it pleases. Over time, I developed a sixth sense for predicting its arrival, a skill crucial for a seamless commute in this vibrant city. But, of course, I had some learning to do at first.


Embracing a new neighborhood also meant diving into both familiar and fresh work projects. This time around, the work calendar unfolds with greater precision, spanning from August to December. These final exchange months with Biomimicry Granada mark a period of clearer plans, aligning with my plans to venture beyond Europe once my academic journey end with  Brahe.

The flexible spirit with my colleagues bore fruit in the form of agreed-upon remote work days. This opens the door to exciting extended weekend trips. London, Paris, Rome, and Venice await, each with inspiring culture, history, and architecture.


Back in the routine of Granada, my Sundays are marked by the bustling Farmers Market—a habitual morning visit for fresh, affordable produce. Amidst the market chaos, one must be on the lookout for the slightly aggressive grandmas maneuvering their shopping carts with gusto. A humorous reminder to always stay vigilant in the lively streets of Granada.