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Laine Rebecca

Chasing the Dreams: Chapter 9

My Erasmus Exchange Journey to Spain: Navigating Niche Marketing and Weekend Adventures

In the dynamic atmosphere of my work at Biomimicry Granada, a new challenge has emerged—crafting marketing strategies for a niche audience. The twist? Doing so with a minimal budget, a task that demands creativity due to the limited finances of a small non-profit organization.


After the brainstorming and planning of the promotion plan, it's time for my first remote work period—spending a few days in London. Communication with the workplace flows through WhatsApp and emails, but mostly I can work in the time window that suits best.



Unexpectedly, London graces me with amazing weather—a rare treat for this vibrant city. I seize the opportunity to roam the streets, indulging in my favorite pastime while traveling, taking in the atmosphere and unique energy of the city. However, practicalities demand attention, such as ensuring a working data connection. Since Brexit, my Finnish data plan no longer covers Britain, prompting an evening walk to acquire a new SIM card. For twenty pounds, I secure 60 gigabytes—a fair game for working from my Airbnb, especially with its less-than-ideal Wi-Fi connection.


In between work commitments, I explore the sights of London, hop on local buses, and visit both the Natural History Museum and the Tate Modern Art Museum. In the latter, I could have spent the whole day. For a budget-conscious traveler, London can be a bit pricey, but the kiosk meal deals become a reliable option—lunch with a sandwich, snack, and a drink. Evenings are spent exploring the streets and neighborhoods, enjoying the city's unique ambiance and catching dinner deals at the local pubs.


During my visit to London, I seize the opportunity to cash in on my Christmas present—a tour of the Harry Potter filming locations. The old sets are transformed into a magical realm, capturing the essence of the beloved books and movies. As someone who grew up eagerly awaiting each new book release, the experience is nothing short of magical, reigniting the same excitement felt as a nine-year-old opening a new book.