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Sarah Rathmann,

German Food Technician Student's Erasmus+ Exchange in Raahe

Hello, my name is Sarah. I from Germany. In my hometown, I'm doing an apprenticeship as a food technician.

Through Erasmus+ I got the opportunity to do an internship in Finland, so I'll tell you what I experienced during my internship in Finland at Brahe Vocational School in Raahe.  

My first day began with a tour of the school. There I was able to see the different areas, such as the kitchen, the laboratory, the car workshop, Upholstering and the Lybecker Media School.  

During the first two weeks, I was allowed to get acquainted with the laboratory, where I was allowed to carry out various experiments. I determined the water content of an apple, as well as the determination of the pH value of paper by hot and cold extraction, and also the determination of the magnesium content in mineral water. In microbiology, I was able to determine the fat content in a meat sample and got an impression of surface hygiene. My last experiment in the lab was the determination of amino acids in orange juice. 

I was able to gain new experiences that improved my understanding, but also to put familiar things into practice. 

In the last week, I was allowed to get to know the kitchen. There I was able to get to experience the Finnish food culture and the way of working.   

The internship in Finland was a valuable and enriching experience that not only broadened my professional skills, but also gave me the opportunity to get to know the Finnish culture and their working methods. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to future professional challenges where I can utilise what I have learnt.