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Belgian students from Ensorinstituut,

A group of Belgian students spent 3 weeks in Raahe

Experiences from the exchange period in Finland.

Hello I'm Cloë from Belgium and I am a axchange student. 

It was a life experience. The first day I got the tour here I was already surprised just to see how things work here. It was really great to work with the drawing tablet because that is something we don't have at school.

But besides the internship I also enjoyed the culture here. I also enjoyed the breathtaking view of the sea and the northern lights, which was really great to see for real. We also went to Santa Claus Village. 

I would also like to thank the teachers at the school in Finland for making this great internship possible also for everything I have learned here. Kiitos!


I am Tatiana. I am super happy that I could be part of the Erasmus project. Besides the interesting classes with all the new gadgets, I also got totally sold on your beautiful country. Not only the beautiful landscapes charmed me but also the local Finns. Also the culture of the outdoors is something I will never forget. 

Finland, not just a plain of ice but a true beauty in Europe. Thank you to the school and all the teachers who brought this fairy tale to life. Much love. Kiitos.

Hello, I'm Jari. I'm doing my internship abroad in Finland, it was really an experience, especially how people live here. We did a lot of things such as ice swimming, walked long hours, visited a museum, tried to spot the Northen Light. Also mentally I have become stronger through Finland. I feel grown up now by cooking, doing the laundry, this school was also a good experience. I mainly worked alone a lot, but this also helps you develop yourself more. So it was definitely worth taking on this challenge, meeting a lot of new people through Finland. I also learned more about their culture and how they deal with everything here, it was so different from Belgium but still educational. So this was my little story about my internship abroad in Finland ;) Thank you Finland you are the best.


Hei, We are Summer and Maxim and we are exchange students from Belgium. We have been given the chance to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme. 

It was a really nice experience, not only educational wise but also the way of living here. We were very fond of everything we were able to use here and the freedom we were given. Especially the warm welcome we have gotten.

After this trip we have not only learned about our studies but also about ourselves. Living in a big group has been fun and we have always but the most out of it.

We both want to thank Brahe and Erasmus+ for the amazing opportunity we have gotten and enjoyed every last second of the journey we made.

I am Kitana Devos, 19 years old and I live in Belgium. It made me happy to be part of the Erasmus project. This was a real life experience, I really liked the view here. The people are more relaxed than in Belgium and it makes my mind more clear. I liked the way they work here and you can see that they are more creative because of it. I LOVED the drawing on the drawing pad, I felt free and felt more able to do different and more things. I loved Finland and will recommend the country to everyone. I didn’t know what to expect but you all really surpassed everything I could ask for.

Thank you for this opportunity. Kiitos :)


Hello am Kyano and here a short review of my trip here in Finland 

It all started with a smooth trip to Finland once we arrived it was weekend. But Monday was our first day at school. We we're given a tour of guidance in both parts of the school. But on different days we saw, among other things, the lab, many classrooms filled with stuff from all kinds of subjects. Especially our class, we were able to use the drawing tablets and the computers here. For the rest of all the activities, it was really fun to experience and I would definitely recommend it to people who still have to complete their internship here in Finland!