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Ann Bernevega,

Iceland blog: a party and the professional video camera

I got invited to a party at LJÓS Films.


Today I got invited to a party at LJÓS Films - they have just finished their latest project “Gestir” that has been the top 1 TV series in Iceland for the past several weeks. There we watched the first 3 episodes of the series and celebrated the success of it.

celebrating success of the tv-series

at the party



I got my professional video camera and the keys from the office. Ásgeir and Halldór showed me the basics of how to use it and I went downtown to practice. The camera itself is very heavy but otherwise it is easy to use and it has great features.

Since I got the keys from the office, I can now use it anytime I want. There is a cafeteria area, a living room and a working cabinet. I have access to a Macbook that I can use for my own purposes and to edit photos/videos.