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Ann Bernevega,

Iceland blog: working as a backgound photographer

My day was very busy: I was invited to work as a backstage photographer.

We shot at numerous locations including a distant church and the downtown. It was actually the last time that the TV series would be filmed, the crew was shooting the missing shots and then the production would be done.

It was extremely fascinating to witness the process of a TV series making. I have never been to a film location and everything was new to me. Each shot was taken multiple times from varying perspectives and then combined in a video editing software.

working as a background photographer



The crew was very interesting to talk to: some people have worked for decades in a different line of field before switching to filmmaking. Everyone was welcoming and I tried my best not to interfere with the process. I had taken the photos for my final assignment for the photography course (näyttö).

making of tv-series