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Juuso Eskola, Sami Turpeinen, Arttu Kivelä, Juho Kerttula,

Slovenia blog 2.–30.4.2024

Erasmus blog of four electrician students. Work and leisure time in Maribor, Slovenia.


We drive from Raahe to Oulu Airport, Our flight took off at 13:00 we had to switch flights in Munich Germany. Our flight from Germany took off at 18:30,  we landed in Zagreb at 20:45 and took a taxi to Maribor, Slovenia. We arrived to our apartment at 22:45 and we went to explore the city for some time.

zagreb ja maribor


Today we had gotten used to the bus routes and how the city works, we went out for some food in local restaurants, after that we went to buy some groceries.

Streets of Maribor


Today we went to Pohorje hill and had a blast exploring the hiking paths, we also ate some local food at a restaurant on top of the hill. The rest of the day we took it chill since the hiking was a bit tiring.



Today was our first day at our workplaces, we got to know our accomplices and were taught what tasks we will be doing.

Ensimmäinen päivä sähköalan työpaikalla


Today we went for a walk around the city and bought some groceries, later we made some food for us, later we played some cards at our apartment.

Kaunis Mariborin kaupunki


Today at our workplaces Juuso did some soldering on circuit boards that go on electric boat motors and made sure some wires were good to go. Sami and Juho did some soldering and assembling circuit boards.

Arttu did the wiring for a clock designated to a playground.

Sähköalan työpaikalta kuvia

Sähköalan työpaikalta kuvia


Today we went out and spoke to some locals about what places are good to visit here. They gave us some restaurants and hangout places for example Gril Ranca which we visited and the food was delicious.



Today at our workplaces Juho and Sami assembled circuit boards and did some soldering with a machine. Juuso soldered circuit boards and made cables for displays. Arttu designed circuit boards for the company. After work some of us went to store to buy food and some of us ordered food to apartment.

Työpaikkakuvia 24.4.


Today was our last day at our workplaces, all of us had positive feedback and felt like we learned something new. We went to eat at a bakery for some pizza and enjoyed the weather.

Viimeisen työpäivän näkymiä


Our cab came to pick us up at 2:30 and drove us to the airport in Zagreb. We had to switch flights in Munich which was a bit tiring. We arrived in Finland at around 16:00 and went home. Overall this trip was amazing, we loved working with new people and hanging out in the city center. We want to thank Erasmus for this opportunity and definitely recommend this to everyone who is thinking about applying.

Ryhmäkuva Mariborissa