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Pekka Korhonen,

Culture treasures workshop in Prague – Two first days

Getting to know teachers and students from Michael School.

In our Finnish grop there are 9 students from different study programs and different years. Some has just started their studies and some are finishing. For some this workshop is also the first time to travel abroad. Thus the travel to Prague was exiting. Everything went well. The biggest trouble was with the money exchange and we learned you really don´t need to change currency beforehand. Our credit cards worked smoothly in the fast food restaurant which was the first target after getting the hotel rooms.

 Hotel room view from Prague

On monday we learned the public transportation system when we travelled to Michael School. It is on the outskirts of Prague and our hotel is in the center of the city. For us small town people the big city´s public transport a subject of wonder. Until now we have taken metros, trams and busses and got easily to our destinations.

The welcome to Michael school was heartly. It was nice to see again the teachers we met in Raahe. The students were divited to international teams for the rest of the week. The first assignmet was designed by the students of Michael and it really was a ice breaker. The students are networking and gaining new international friends. The lecture and the assignmet of Pro bono advertising gave us interesting information. The good and successful designers do voluntary work for the charity organizations. This way the organizations to get the best design in the world for free and the designers get interersting assingments to challenge their creativity.

On tuesday there was a walking tour through Prague led by Anna Lara Feldekova who is the photography teacher of Michael but also a guide of Prague. We learned so much about the history on the town and saw beautiful achitecture from different eras and styles.

Did you know the Czech rebublic has their own architecture style, kubism! 

To get to know the center of Prague is also exercise. We walked more than 12 kilometers.