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Pekka Korhonen,

We are now Brahe Education Centre

Now we have an easier name. We are now Brahe Education Centre or even simpler Brahe. The name comes from the name of our town´s founder Per Brahe (1602-1680).

More good news which keeps us busy until end of the year 2020. We are awarded with Erasmus+ Vet Mobility Charter. Vet Mobility Charter is award for our long work in the field of the internationalization but also our aim to be equal when it comes to student´s possibilities for international mobilities.

Our International Coordinator Ari Hannus writes about equal opportunities in Cimo´s blog. He noticed we are not equal in internationalization when he started as an international coordinator couple of years ago. For instance there were only few internships from the field of Metalwork and Machinery although Raahe is called “The Steel town”. He started to recruit also the back row´s boys doing the internships abroad. He didn´t stress the language skills as a precondition for the mobility. Instead he told that employees appreciate international periods. Some of the graduated students tell that international experience was the critical reason for them to get the job after the studies.

Soon the results of the recruiting were seen. More and more students were applying for the internships from various fields. Also good experiences from the international on-the-job-learning periods were spread. Nowadays the messages goes in real time through social media.

The objective is to secure equal possibilities for the international mobilities to the all students despite their home region, sex, age, language, culture, state of health or socio-economic background.

To courage students is the most essential way for achieving the target. Your language skills are enough because at the most hosting on-the-job-learning places they are also struggling with their english. We will help with the CV and the motivation letter if needed. You don´t need much your own financing because the grand covers the travel and the accommodation costs.