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Ari Hannus,

We completed the Policy Recommendations!

What are the best practices on the field of lifelong guidance in France, how do the Austrians do it, in which country has been benchmarks defined that have to be met by all schools, and how did the Finnish VET system changed as of January 2018?
What were the experiences of the teachers participating in the project during the piloting classes based on the Manual? What support do teachers need in order to foster good career choices and the love of their profession in their students? What shall lawmakers do in order to decrease the number of early school leavers?

Based on the piloting experiences and after intensive research of the European situation, project partners compiled the Policy recommendations to be disseminated among influencers.

The Manual and the policy recommendations were presented first in the CARMA Workshop in Sophia on the 30.03.2018, organised by our Bulgarian partner Selfinvest. The workshop attracted not only Bulgarian experts, but also experts from neighbouring countries interested in CMS.
Based on the feedback of the participants the workshop was highly interesting and according to the opinion of the experts there is a huge need for similar initiatives, and it is of highest importance that Policy recommendations shall find their way to the lawmakers and should be considered when preparing new legislation on the field of VET education and CMS.

The closing conference of the Carma project will be held in Budapest, 26.04.2018, with the participation of international audience committed in CMS and lifelong learning. On the conference we will present the Carma Manual and the Policy recommendations and we will offer an informal networking opportunity. You can download the CARMA Manual here